Sunday Family Fire Dinner: Chilli & Cornbread

Our second family dinner of the spring season and I am equally excited and nervous about this meal. I love chilli and I cook a pretty good chilli but cornbread is fairly new to us. My husband and I have sampled our fair share of cornbread while traveling through the states but never up here. Well this winter I was able to participate in a local grain CSA and this beautiful gritty cornmeal was part of it and in an effort to eat more local and eating our pantry I knew I had to learn. I have made including this meal cornbread 3 times. I always cook it in a skillet and it is always a hit. This time this cornbread was cooked directly on top of the chilli so making sure it was like a runny doughy mess on top of our chilli was what I was afraid of. Turned out I had nothing to be afraid of. The cornmeal rose and was almost 3 inches of beautiful grainy cornmeal goodness and had taken on some of the juices from the chilli. Making this one pot dish was an absolute hit with everyone even my picky eater had seconds.

I never follow a recipe when it comes to my chilli. I try to add as many vegtables and beans as I can to build the flavours and I always add a decent amount of chilli powder and cumin. My go to trick used to be adding a bit of the works clamato but as we are trying to eat less store bought products I made sure my spice blend was bang on and used some of my own homemade tomato powder and just added some water to it to get the paste. For the tomato aspect I added about 8 san marzano tomatoes from last years garden that was in the freezer, I even added a green one. I added a frozen hot wax pepper and one frozen jalepeno again from last years garden. I usually have bags of pumpkin puree and shredded zucchini in the freezer to add to chillis, stews, soups you name it so some of that went in. I also added a jar of black beans and pinto beans that I got through our local grain CSA that I had canned to make shelf stable and bonus they were ready to go no soaking or cooking needed. For my meat I used some of our farmer sausage from our pigs and just let this cook over the fire. Once the chilli was well on it's way and the flavour was what I wanted I mixed up the cornbread. Cooking tip-prep your cornbread ingredients before you leave home so all you gotta do is mix it up. The cornbread just gets put on top of your chilli and then your own pot dish is ready to hang out on about 5-8 coals on the bottom and another 10-16 on top for about 20ish minutes. Once done scoop yourself a healthy chunk of cornbread and some chilli and top with cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese or just eat as is and savour your amazing meal!

Cornbread Recipe: I got from a friend.

1 cup cornmeal

1/2 cup flour

1 tbsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

1 cup milk

1 egg

2 tbsp honey

I put all dry ingredients pre measured into a glass jar and the wet I measured out so all I had to do was combine at the farm. Dough will be slop type texture and because of the baking powder will rise quick so mix right before you are wanting to put on top. Drop dollops on top of chilli and if you are able spread around you can do that.

Again 5-8 coals on bottom and 10-16 on top for 20ish minutes. Your chilli is cooked so all you need to do is cook your cornbread and enjoy!

If you wanna see my family and I at the farm putting together and enjoying this meal head over to our Youtube page and watch our video you will find the link here.

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