Our Tiny Greenhouse

As I may have said several times our lives are different now that we live in a tiny house and every time I am still shocked by what I can and can't do. One thing I can't do this year not just due to size but also due to power and not enough light is start seeds indoors. So growing luffas and eucalyptus this year were out of the question, maybe even peppers and tomatoes. Despite how disapointed I am by this I know one day I will be able to grow these things again but for now pivot. We have a hoop house which we grow things in during the summer and fall but have not started any seeds. We looked at this option but it is too big of a space and not insulated or heated in any way. We thought about putting in a wood stove but again a lot of work for an experiment. Then we realized our tiny home is up high and the south side which has deck would be a perfect small space that we may be able to pull it off. Our orignal plan was to put a heating system through it heated by composting wood chips but again time is of the essence. We decided to just build something and use black poly and styrofoam insulation and hope for the best. We also purchased a Inkbird thermometer you can check it out here to show us temp and humidity so we knew when it would be safest to start seeds.

Over the course of a few weekends and some snowfalls we got our little south facing lean to style seeding house built. My husband built and designed the whole thing. We unfortunately don't have a plan with him being a builder he just meaures and does a bunch of math and put things together. He is however working on a basic plan for it but in the meantime you can check out the build here and feel free to ask questions we will answer as best as we can.

This small space will be used to start a few tomato seeds. It is sadly getting a little late in the season and it's still dropping down to zero degrees in there. But we will seed some tomatoes and peppers just so that we have the knowledge of what we can and cannot do. All of our other seeds will be started and live in this space till they are ready for the garden.

Once all plants have outgrown this home we will take this seeding house down and save the materials for another project.

The jist of what my husband used and did to build our tiny greenhouse is. He used 13- 10 foot 2x4's which we cut down to 6 foot studs and 4 foot rafters. All of it was put together with screws so it could be taken apart and salvaged. The whole floor had black styofoam insulation to seal the floor up and then the whole thing was wrapped in 6m clear poly and tuck tape to tape it all shut. He build a basic door frame for a salvaged door that was gifted to us.

I have really enjoyed going into this space on cooler days with the sun shining it can get up to 45C in there. Our plan is to start seeding this weekend (April 8-10). I have built a little pallet bench and plan to build one or two more. I have also put a little transportable greenhouse that my mother gave me you can find them here on Amazon. I will use whatever trays, pots and milk jugs I have on hand to start seeds. I have already made my seeding mix and if you are interested in my recipe check out this video and will have a blog up soon on my seed mix recipe.

Thanks so much for being here and hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you made it this far I would love to know what have you started growing inside?


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