February 2022

Goodbye February it was swell. This past month brought us hockey tournaments, some colds snaps and well not much else. February is the last month of rest before the light really starts to change and you and the earth start to wake.

During the month I worked on finalizing my seed order, got it all ordered and now most of it has been received. I still have to get soil, amendments and such but that won’t be till March sometime. As well as all the fruit trees, live perennials, potatoes and onions are on order and will ship when perishables get shipped in Canada usually around second week of May.

We were however very busy with hockey tournaments now that things have opened up again. It was nice to spend a few weekends away with the whole family swimming, travelling and watching hockey.

We were looking forward to actually getting some work done on the farm over the family day weekend but sadly a blizzard came and snowed us in. We were stuck on our farm for almost 2 days before a family friend came and dug us out. Lesson learned don’t rely on one machine to plow your roads. Our skid steer broke down and we thought we could get through the rest of the season with no more plowing, boy were we wrong. We have had epic snow falls. It’s good and bad. I don’t see forest fires in our summer plans but I do see a lot of mud. We are putting in some ponds and water catchment areas on our land as well as ditching and using some other methods to slow and divert flow of water. This will help us with retaining and capturing more water as well as make sure our land doesn’t get washed away or eroded with every rainfall.

Another thing that kept me busy during February was working on a massive cowhide. A family member gifted me a beautiful red cowhide and I was so thrilled to get to work on it. Due to below freezing temps I took the hide to a friends garage and fleshed it. From there it came home and hung out outside in a frozen pile while I built a hide frame. I built a hide frame over the course of 2 weeks. It could have taken a day but blizzards and -30C degree weather really keeps you inside. Every time it was warm enough I took a chance and headed outside to work on it. I cut all the poles down from our forest which also helps our forest out by cleaning out dead wood or trees that just aren’t thriving thereby making room for the others to grow bigger and healthier. I believe every pole was green balsams. Sometimes I struggle with my identification but then when I touch my hands together I know the tree due to the stickiness. I used my chainsaw to cut the trees and my Dewalt lefty circular saw to notch and cut the pieces. The only thing I purchased for the build was carriage bolts and it was less the $5. My frame ended up being around 6x8ft. I thought it was huge till I tried to fit the hide into it. Now I know always build a frame even bigger than what you think your hide is. Once strung up I got to flesh scraping my hide. I was so elated to be working on the piece I didn’t pay attention to my muscles but after only an hour I could barely lift my arms up. The next few days putting on my winter jacket was a bit of a struggle. At this time my hide isn’t done. Due to muscle soreness and other life stuff I can only plug away here and there. I will share more of my frost scraping journey soon so stay tuned for that.

Other than that I believe that is all February had lined up for us. Here are some of the videos that went live this month. Hauling firewoood and chatting about bobcats. Clearing deer trails with our new skid steer attachment. A sped up video of our tiny cabin build.

I also wanted to share some of the supplements we have been taking to keep our family healthy. Currently I am loving some products from a company called Purium. I take what is called their Core 4 and that includes a daily powershake that helps nourish and fuel my body with rich organic superfoods that I can’t get here in the dead of winter or even afford! I also take tablets of super aminos that are a basic building block and a biome medic which a detoxifier and supporter. These last few years have done alot to us and I personally knew my health needed some help to get balanced. I have been feeling more like myself in a long time still a long way to go but definitely feeling a change. If you would like to check out any of these products you can check them out through my link here and you get a discount if you decide to purchase anything.

Deanne xo

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