A Little Farm Update....

Well alot and I mean ALOT has happened since the last time I opened up my website let alone the last time I blogged. We have since sold our house and are now exclusively living on the farm in a bunkie while we figure out what kind of house we want to build. We got 7 piglets this spring and ended up getting 5 to the butcher, a bear took the other two for us, and they hit weight! We had an amazing garden harvest that we were able to put up for the winter plus we were able to give to others. We scraped our land back to expose bedrock for future house building. Hmmm....there is a bunch of small odds and ends in there but that about sums it up. Currently it's the beginning of December and we are loving living at the farm. Our space is awfully small but we are coping really well. Our older kids are enrolled in school and back to playing hockey which is keeping us all very busy. We have already started tossing around 2022 ideas. What kind of animals if any would we like to introduce to the farm? Pigs? How many and where to put them? Garden? We want to expand our garden in a huge way. I have goals of developing a permaculture food forest that will help us with rebuilding soil, capturing carbon, feeding us and our animals on a perennial basis and more. And of course our house. We have a few ideas but with us living on the farm in such a different way it has given us a lot of food for thought. For starters how much time do we spend in our home? Everyone is different but for us we spend alot of time outside both out of choice and not but we have come to enjoy it and it has changed our mindset. We most certainly want a house that can provide for us but what is that space gonna look like for us. How do we want it to look for us? And also figuring in costs how broke do we want our house to make us a little or a lot. The more we spend the more we have to work. I think you see where I am going with this. Well anyways this is where we are at and just slowly taking in each day as it comes. Keeping warm and dry and enjoying this season on our farm. This is our little farm update. If you find yourself here reading feel free to head over to our Youtube page and subscribe to our channel if you feel so inclined. You can also subscribe below to our new newsletter where I give you weekly updates on our whereabouts and of course you can always check us out on Instagram there is something for everyone.

Above: Our house that we built back in 2009-10 and sold June 2021. 2nd pic is the dreaded packing up.

Above: Our little 10x16 bunkie 2nd photo is our land which will get scrapped back to expose bedrock.

Thanks for being here. Feel free to leave a comment below letting me know what brought you here and what you're currently reading?


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